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Another Ride-Share death thanks to Judge JC Ynchausti on Pioneer Day 07.24.2022

Screen Shot 2022-07-31 at 7.08.16 PM.png

"Chimera D.I.D, Brand Yourself & Bluetooth profilerwere created thanks to the Taxi cab drivers we were signing-up on Xtagged, big FYI Xtagged stood for "Crossroads tagged" this is why I got XPatrol plate # it meant "Crossroads Patrol". The taxi cab drivers told us they wished they could pick the patrons they drove & LaShariel Jenkins told them we will make 
system/app called "Brand Yourself" so people can choose question like "what sport is your favorite?, What's your favorite color, Who would you like to win for president, etc." if you match people then why would they fight, argue, etc. 

December 04, 2010 email where racist Kyle & Ladd were warned about Digital Internet Dna, etc. see full email on Bountiful Mayor Harris page, just click it.
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Attention; F.B.I & D.O.J


Please stand by


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