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In a nutshell Mayor Harris here is what happened

2005 Davis County Chief of police Hanson's daughter Sydney Nakaki Hanson & I got married & both her parents made us annul the marriage
because & I quote them
"Andres is a loser & will never amount to anything in life"

05.05.2007 I go on Fox13 with Kirk Yuhnke... 
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05.15.2008 Xtagged receives $5 million evaluation from AdvantiaLaw
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05.24.2009 Chief Hanson & his buddy Bountiful Mayor Johnson have us held hostage at Heroes Computers to get plate flaw details & run me out of Bountiful, and yes I recorded it all on video.
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04.15.2010 CEO Allen Brady tells me to stop communicating with Kyle because we already told them of flaw
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12.04.2010 Ladd Quayle & Kyle attack...
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July 19, 2011
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07.19.2011-> my ex-father-in-law Davis county police Chief Hanson, Daryl Acumen & have me charged with securities fraud & Wiser Technology CEO Allen Brady hires Utah famed attorney Ron Yengich I did record the office meeting with Ron "Andy, Daryl has some big people helping him" I told him "lives are on the line, I must have a trial" and then I fired him to find my own uncorrupt Utah attorney...  
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10/26/2011 I posted this video "15 sec of shame" please note the description where I wrote "Xtagged fix & Sold a fatal system"
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12.05.2011 Bountiful prosecutor J.C.Y tries so hard to have me put in jail so Nathan, Ryion & Daryl can post it on new hate website...

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12.06.2011 Kyle, Ladd all start with Daryl Acumen. 

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01.03.2012 DC prosecutor & she's Judge Morris' wife Kathryn Morris takes herself off my case after she spoke with my witnesses...
02.08.2012 Daryl still trying to convince all the deadly flaw is fake 
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02.28.2012 My 2nd attorney Mike Holje said
"JCY & I
 Have been friends since back in the days Don't f*ck with me & the brotherhood" 
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03.21.2012 Allen Brady says "Pretrial is finally HERE, I get to take the stand"

After 03.21.2012 pretrial I fired Holje of Brown Bradshaw & Moffat I told Holje
he would not let me testify & tried to force me to take a plea for misdemeanors anyway, Allen Brady & I exposed Holje on his law firm's FB/website & they deleted everything, I think you know what that means my lady Mayor. 
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June 2012 Davis County provides me with the most racist & corrupt Public Defender in the world Mr. Albright & here you can see me texting Albright "I JUST WANT MY TRIAL 02.26.2013" & "People will die" 
I now become my own attorney & I file two motions that magically disappear.
02.22.2013 Daryl Acumen then blogs Albright asks the Judge to remove his racist butt from my case because he can't force me...
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07.08.2013 Tired of the threats from the "Brotherhood" & corrupt racist attorneys I become my own attorney & file motions Holje & Albright wouldn't...  
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07.17.2013 I file Motion to dismiss you must watch this video ASAP 

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08.21.2013 Daryl Acumen post pretrial "Blacked Out" I have the full color video where you can see the lying faces & Holjie won't let me take the stand. 

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01.07.14 they incarcerated me, I wouldn't take forced plea, note the requestor. 

Please Stand By For more Criminology for Dummies  

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